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Breaking Chains with Alice Knox
Learn a choreography that has been designed to challenge you to hold space. For so many performers standing still is hard. Making more out of less is an almost impossible ask. We will explore purposeful stillness, contrasted with carefully chosen movement. We will fill phases with emotion and intent. We’ll play with becoming who we truly want to be onstage and break free from the idea that we have to always be doing more!


The choreography itself will be solidly intermediate, however the goal throughout will be to simplify movements. There will be options for advanced combinations (I can’t help it) but really this is about making simple movements absolutely shine.


As such this workshop is appropriate for ambitious beginners as well as advanced dancers. Please bring what you need to feel comfortable: socks, water, notebook etc. People of all genders are welcome in this class.


Target Level: Open  


Breaking Chains

  • Saturday 6th th April

    9:00am – 11:00am

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