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Lava Flows with Jordan Galliott

A molten, expansive repertoire for fusion belly dancers. This workshop takes elements of contemporary dance such as functional arm pathways, spinal organisation and embodied fluidity and pairs them seamlessly with the unique isolation patterns and otherworldly elements of transnational fusion. This dance opens up the possibilities within the global fusion style by offering new ways of moving through classic fusion motifs to create cascading flows that utilise the body's full capacity for expression.


In this workshop we will learn repertoire from Jordan's research project SAINT (2023, supported by RADF & Dancenorth Australia) that is accessible and suitable for an open level classroom. We will work through some short, heavily guided improvisational tasks and learn longer combinations that exemplify this fluid and fully embodied way of moving. Bring: Comfortable clothes you can move freely in, and water (to put the lava out)


Target Level: Open  


Lava Flows

  • Friday 5th April

    9:00am – 10:30am

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