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Liquid Gold Tribal Fusion: Luscious Molten Moves with Melusina

Succulent, syrupy-slow moves feature in this slinky Tribal Fusion choreography. Piece together a rippling, fluid dance using unique 'Red Belly Black' Tribal Fusion movements and combinations that glide and ooze like honey.


This choreography has a delicious, sticky sweetness you can really melt into! Expect precise muscular control using sinuous undulations and luscious curves.


This workshop is suitable for both practiced Tribal dancers and Belly Dancers wishing to experience Tribal Fusion styling for the first time.


Recommended for confident dancers intermediate level and up. 

Level: Intermediate

Liquid Gold Tribal Fusion: Luscious Molten Moves

  • Saturday 6th April

    2:00pm – 4:00pm

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