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Spins and Swirls: Skirt Dancing with Thais Carvalho


Step into the enchanting world of "Spins & Swirls: Skirt Dancing Mastery," where rhythm, grace, and the allure of swirling skirts converge in a captivating dance experience. This unique workshop is designed to immerse participants in the art of dancing with skirts, unveiling the secrets of fluidity and elegance in every twirl. Led by whose passion for skirt dancing knows no bounds, this workshop is a journey into the heart of expressive movement.


Thais brings years of expertise and a deep understanding of various skirt dance styles from around the globe. Participants will learn the delicate art of handling skirts, mastering spins and turns that transform ordinary fabric into an extension of their expression. The workshop covers a range of techniques, from the flirtatious flirtations of Spanish flamenco to the poetic classical ballet influences and contemporary flowing movements and grounded spiral moves. Let’s learn about your foot!


"Spins & Swirls" welcomes dancers of all levels, whether you're a seasoned performer or taking your very first steps in the world of dance. The workshop fosters an inclusive and supportive environment, where participants can explore their creativity and build confidence in their dance skills.

Level: Open


What to bring: FCBD or Gypsy Skirt

Spins and Swirls: Skirt Dancing

  • Saturday 6th April

    2:00pm – 3:30pm

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