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Belly Rock - Chop Suey Metal Bellydance with Kalikah Jade


Take a look inside the mind of Kalikah Jade, Adelaide's premiere alternative fusion bellydance artist. Using the key combos and choreography notes behind her now-viral Chop Suey bellydance act, learn how to effortlessly apply her approach to your own musical tastes and dance practice by learning the choreography in person.


There will be lots of fast turns, level changes, hair flips and optional floorwork - this choreography is high impact, high energy and very very fast! So get ready to challenge yourself and experience bellydance in a unique way.

Bring: Leggings/loose clothing, dance shoes if needed

Level: Advanced


Belly Rock - Chop Suey Metal Bellydance

  • Friday 5th April

    2:00pm – 4:00pm

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