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Meet our Teachers

We are so grateful to bring you such talented and experienced teachers from all around Australia! Please visit their profiles below and share the love! 


Alice Knox

Alice is a Brisbane-based fusion bellydancer who has had the fortune to learn from legendary dancers in both traditional and modern bellydance styles. Alice first fell in love with bellydance while learning oriental and folkloric dance, but was inspired by the innovations taking place in the United States within fusion bellydance.


She has travelled to the US many times to study with dancers including Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle and Mardi Love. Alice is the first Australian dancer to complete Rachel Brice’s Eight Elements training program and to gain teacher registration in this style.


Alice’s style of dance is fluid and slinky, and she adores the challenging, body-puzzle aspect of layered isolations. Her classes are fun, supportive, silly and a bit of a brain/body teaser.



Umbra Theatrical Dance

Dani is the Dance Artist and Creatrix of Umbra Theatrical Dance, Luna Ellipsis and Sacred Woman Dance. Her distinctive and unique choreographies portray a theatrical narrative. Combining shadow and light, myth and magick, emotive expression, character portrayal, symbolic and conscious movement to weave energy as a dance experience.

Dani is based in Lake Macquarie NSW.




Malakeh is the chameleon of dance; with her artistic learnings spanning two
decades across both eastern and western dance styles, as well as dabbling in
burlesque, sideshow, lighting and production.

The Director and Producer of Eunoia Dance Company, she has created over a
dozen performance art works including ‘GRIME’ and most recently, ‘Society of

Her all in-inclusive adult ballet class has been running continuously for ten
years, 48 weeks of the year.

Recently, you might have seen her teaching, performing, or on sound at such
events as ‘Ehsas El Hob’, Ensnare Burlesque (Wynnum Fringe Festival), Brown
Church (Undercover Artist Festival) or Tea(se) with That!




Spellbound Bellydance

Aradia is a passionately intense performer and dedicated teacher with a thirst for challenging the body/mind and breaking boundaries. An unconventional dancer, teacher and performer, she is always challenging the understanding of movement.


After studying biomechanics, dance, choreography and a career spanning over 35 years of dance of many styles, Aradia has integrated her learnings and musings into her own style ~ Industrial Bellydance. Grateful to have studied under Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Amera, Jrisi, Suhaila, Paiivi, Amy Sigil, Sadie, Jillina and Aziza Raks -  Aradia has a well-rounded approach and understanding of all realms of bellydance from traditional to fusion. Seen on So you Think You Can Dance and Australia's Got Talent, there is nowhere Aradia won't venture!


Part cyborg, part goddess, part lover, part Mother, Aradia strives to leave her audience as well as her students curious, spellbound and hungry for more.

See more at



Jordan is a Belly Dance artist based in Townsville, North Queensland. She has studied Raqs Sharqi, Transnational Fusion, group improvisation Belly Dance formats as well as commencing a degree in contemporary dance at Central Queensland University. Her teachers being Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Cara Griffin and the incredible Dancenorth. As well as many a workshop and class with formidably vibrant and exciting teachers.

Jordan has had the privilege of performing and studying both interstate and abroad. She has had the pleasure of collaborating on projects and performances with the Belly Dance Collective, The Blades Edge, Alex Salvador, Circus Alabanza, Kallidad, Masha’s Legacy and Bengras. She currently works for the Global Dance Collective and Dancenorth Australia’s Community Experience team. As a performer she likes to find a sense of warmth and ease in movement to help bring an audience along for the ride that is entertaining, fun and somewhat relaxing. As a teacher she wants to see everybody on this planet and wiggling their perfect bums.



Nina Martinez is the Troup Director of Templerain based in Innisfail, and a Master Teacher in the Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance (GCTB®) format.  As a master teacher and performer this dance style has taken her around Australia and internationally to, NZ, Japan, USA and Mexico.


Although Nina’s main dance passion has been GCTB, she has studied and been influenced by many amazing teachers, including, Terezka, Rachel Brice, Amel Tafsout, Carolena Nericcio, Kajira, Colleena and Devi Mamuk. Nina is inspired by the passion of Flamenco, the grace of Indian classical dance, folkloric circles and pagan rituals. She has also been studying drumming for more than 10years.


In 2013 Nina created a GCTB festival in Cairns, Tribal in the Tropics (TTT).  TTT attracts dancers from around Australia and NZ for the workshops and fabulous GCTB performances!


Nina has her own costume label, Temple Goddess, designing and creating tribal and tassel belts, bras and headdresses, imports gorgeous tribal goods and fashions jewellery from vintage pieces and upcycled beads.


Find out more about Nina’s dancing and costume label on her website



Empyrean Dance

Based in Brisbane, Bronnie is the troupe director, teacher and choreographer at Empyrean Dance. 


Bronnie fell in love with this dance form in 2008 while living in NZ.  She took a few years hiatus, and since moving to Australia in 2011 she has trained extensively with both local and international master teachers. 


Bronnie started training with Rachel Brice in 2017 and is a certified Datura Style™ teacher.



Laura Entwined

Laura Entwined is a SEQ born/raised, now Melbourne based professional bellydance performer and teacher.

She has been studying bellydance for nearly 20 years, and 2023 marks 10 years of the Entwined Bellydance School in Melbourne. Laura’s passion and dedication has seen her travel, perform and teach around Australia, and perform internationally in the USA, NZ and Bali.


She has studied with over 40 teachers world-wide in a range of bellydance styles from classic to fusion, but is most-well known for a penchant for Dark Serpentine Fusion Bellydance, which she has been performing since 2009 solo and with her troupe. She is a regular performer at a range of commercial and community events, and has produced 4 sell-out full-length shows in Melbourne since 2017.



Sacred Lotus

Xaeda has been a popular teacher and performer throughout Australia for over 20yrs, more recently she was a guest artist in "Salon La La" with Cara Griffin and Jordan Galliot of Global Dance Collective.

She is also a teacher at "Ehsas El Hob" Brisbane Bellydance Festival and her school Sacred Lotus recently amalgamated with Bronnie Coffey of Empyrean Dance to form a class collaboration called Synthesis.

Her diversity in dance and artistic styling always provides a new dynamic way of learning, making her workshops energetic and a lot of fun.


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