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Synthesis 2023 was a spectacular success!
Get ready for 5 -7 April 2024 where we will do it all again!

Welcome to the Synthesis Fusion Dance Weekend!

Get ready to embark on an enchanting journey of dance, music, and connection. This unique event is designed to bring together dancers from various backgrounds and styles, fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration.

Synthesis Fusion Dance Weekend offers a fusion of dance forms, fusing different styles such as contemporary, classical Raqs Sharqi or bellydance, world dance, and more. It celebrates the beauty of diversity and encourages participants to express themselves authentically through movement.

Throughout this weekend, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops led by renowned dance instructors, each bringing their own expertise and distinct artistic flair. From technical training to improvisation sessions
, these workshops aim to expand your dance vocabulary and push your boundaries, allowing you to discover new artistic possibilities.

In addition to the workshops, the Synthesis Fusion Dance Weekend is a platform for creative expression. Dancers will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and collaborate with fellow artists at the Sunday Bazaar and Hafla or admire the splendour of the Divinity teachers showcase.

Join us for an incredible dance immersion. 

Workshops are now finalised and bookings are OPEN!
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