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Welcome to the Synthesis Fusion Dance Weekend.

The concept for this event is not new, there have been many "festivals" in the past, however it was noted that Brisbane had a community that needed its own space. 


So the conversation started before covid, to open the floor for a fusion event. During the peak of covid it became apparent that teachers needed support to keep classes going, boost moral or just have someone to connect with.

With this in mind, Sacred Lotus, Spellbound Bellydance and Empyrean Dance formed a collaboration called "Synthesis".

Under this collective banner we continue to work as individual schools with our own classes and format but we also encourage students to experience new styles of dance that they may not have tried before. 

We connect not just as teachers but as individuals who unite to support each others classes, students, and endeavors with respect for our extended community.

At present "Synthesis" formally consists of Empyrean Dance, Suzi Raqs, Sacred Lotus, Spellbound Bellydance, Global Dance Collective,  Shimmy in the Glen and Essence of Ardour Bellydance.

Our vision for the weekend is to honour and highlight the importance of understanding cultural influences while encouraging artistic vision and evolution of expression through dance. We wish to embrace everyone who attends the weekend and make it a space for celebrating.

Thank you for joining us on this creative journey and we look forward to welcoming you to the Synthesis Fusion Dance Weekend in 2024 .

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